Employee participation

What possibilities are there?

Employee participation

What options are there for employee participation within your company? You can issue traditional stocks, although you can also do so in more social ways. At Eyevestor we offer a platform for sharefunding. This is well suited for various forms of employee participation, among other things.

So do you want to issue shares to employees who have worked there the longest? Or do you want to offer new employees the opportunity to take part in the organization? We are happy to help you find out how this works best for you from a tax perspective and whether it is a good idea to set up a STAK or another entity.

Allowing your employees to participate in your company yields much more than you give up for it!

A Great Place to Work

We help entrepreneurs develop their business into A Great Place to Work. And despite the fact that clear guidelines and conditions apply, we are happy to contribute to a great workplace where the mutual connection is strong. This connection applies to employees among themselves, as well as towards the entire organisation, the plans and ambitions and the vision for the future.

We offer the possibility of employee participation, in shares that meanwhile have a strong social character. This applies to companies that are looking for new capital through sharefunding, as well as organizations that are looking for a way to let employees share in the successes they are achieving.

STAK, Cooperation or something else?

Are you thinking of a STAK to provide opportunities for employee participation? A "Stichting Administratiekantoor" is a popular option. In this way you can make a distinction between voting rights and economic rights. This prevents employees from getting (too many) voting rights within an organization, while you can let them benefit from the (financial) successes.

We advise companies on employee participation based on a STAK and with other entities available there. View and compare them here on the STAK & COOP page. For example, we ensure that you can pay out profit-sharing, without this meaning that you will lose your voting rights.

Multiplying involvement by equated interests results in optimal value and contribution!

Employee participation

Are you looking for a suitable form of employee participation and do you want to know what the options are? We explain what you have to take into account and what tax consequences this has and how you can make a choice from the various forms.

Subsequently, the Eyevestor platform is well suited to realize the actual employee participation. We offer the platform that allows you to make management as clear and simple as possible. In the meantime, you increase the involvement of employees, who become co-owners and thus feel like ambassadors of the company.

Want to know more about employee participation? Call us on phone number +31 30 8080 013 or send us an email to hello@eyevestor.com. We would love to hear from you!