Our mission: Own it

Enabling entrepreneurs to do more with their Equity! & to make co-ownership easy in companies and entrepreneurs YOU believe in. OWN IT!
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The share company

We are The Share Company

Through decades of experience in the financial sector, SMB and IT, we have noticed that organizations with 10 to 1,000 employees have no opportunity to create liquidity in their equity capital.

That is why we decided in 2015 to merge the financial world with IT, engagement, energy and entrepreneurship.

We make the stock market available to 99% of all companies, as well as to all people who are not yet actively investing in the shares of the companies they believe in and belong to. The result is a different society. The Share Society.

With aligned interests you build a completely different relationship. If you do it right, your co-owners are also your most loyal customers and your best ambassadors.

Our mission

We believe in a share company. With Eyevestor we give SMEs accessible options to do more with their shares.

We do this so that entrepreneurs have more choice and freedom and can grow faster and more sustainably by financing from their own capital.

This allows entrepreneurs to connect with whomever they want and how they want with their interests aligned.

Our team

Our team consists of a motivated group of people who want to achieve more together and, above all, make more possible for entrepreneurs. Visit our team page here.

The opportunity to be easily invested into each other!

An ecosystem

More than a platform. An ECO system, an infrastructure for all involved. An entire ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors and partners. Partners are an integral part. Being on eyevestor requires strategy and long-term relationships. Because this makes eyevestor so special, we would like to introduce you to them.
Generous Minds Generous Minds helps do-gooders grow because these are companies that the world is dying for. Companies that make the world healthier, more social, cleaner, safer, fairer, more beautiful. Companies where making a positive impact goes hand in hand with a good return on investment. In 2022, we have helped 13 companies raise a total of €30 million in funding.
Share to share In addition to being a partner at Eyevestor, I also have a few 'own' companies together with a partner. A web agency, an online marketing company, an organizational consultancy, an online business school and platform that collects, analyzes and sends freelance assignments to looking for freelancers.
Unvolt Unvolt helps entrepreneurs realize their entrepreneurial dream. From getting the idea on paper to obtaining the first sales figures. We have been able to help more than 500 entrepreneurs in recent years. Thanks to our business and financial backgrounds and a network of about 250 private investors worldwide, we achieve great successes together. From the bakery on the corner to scale-ups that achieve millions in turnover. We have been able to guide something from almost every industry.
Funding Masters For the best head-to-tail solution to your financing question. Involved | Reliable | Passionate | Reachable
Mifox The sharefunding specialist - MiFox guides your company not only operationally and tactically, but also on a strategic level with a lot of passion and involvement.

Want to know us better?

Do you also work with entrepreneurs on a daily basis? Do you know their needs? Are you an entrepreneur yourself and do you want to get to know us better? Then let's talk!