Pricing for investors, Vestors

Being on Eyevestor costs you nothing, unless the eyeventure has determined this

Your share, because you participate in companies you belong to.

By default, you only pay transaction costs when you sell. The eye venture determines who pays.
  • Invest as a person or with your company.
  • Set up as many beneficiaries as you need.
  • Real-time download your annual overview, your transactions and transaction certificates.
  • With your user you manage all your accounts in which you are invested.
  • Be in direct contact with the entrepreneurs.

Who pays the transaction costs is determined by the eyeventure. In each eyeventure's legal tab you can find the transaction costs per transaction type.

The more volume that is sharedfunded, the less everyone pays.

This table shows what percentage is paid.

Millions sharefunded

€ 0 - 10

2,5% - 1,5% (0,1% korting per million)

€ 10 - 20




A minimum of €1 and a maximum of €1250.- applies per transaction.

If you want to know what costs the eyeventure has, you can find them on the eyeventure pricing page.

Example: As an eyeconholder, you indicate on the notice board that you want to sell pieces. If an investor wants to increase his position and agrees to share his contact details, we put the seller (i.e. you) and buyer in touch. Suppose you agree outside our platform that you can sell your position worth €2,000, then 2.5% (or €50) will be withheld from the total amount to be received. The next working day you will receive €1,950 in your beneficiary's verified bank account. For a transaction worth €50,000 or more, the costs are a maximum of €1,250.

Do you want to know more? View the Frequently Asked Questions below. You can also find more in the Eyevestor knowledge base.

Visit the Eyeventures page where you find great companies you might want to belong to.

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