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Faja Lobi the international kitchen goes national!

Faja Lobi is a real family business. With the dream to let the whole of the Netherlands enjoy the tastiest Surinamese dishes. Everyone a tropical paradise on the table with authentic Faja Lobi products. Sustainable, tasty and quick to prepare. Perhaps the most neglected child in world kitchens… But that is about to change.

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Green Caravan the truly sustainable charging solution!

It is all over the news: the electricity grid is overloaded. As a result, new charging hubs for electric cars or trucks can hardly be connected. But also: 60% of Dutch electricity (2022) still comes from fossil fuels such as natural gas or coal.

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CODE49 the estate for personal development

Our mission is to create a complete center for personal development with CODE49. We do this by purchasing Landgoed Venwoude together. Pre-register.

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MOSS. is only two years old but has already involved nearly 500 bike couriers. People from all ages from 18 to 72 are on the bike to collect and deliver packages. They have already delivered 3 million packages from 7 hubs. In recent months they have worked hard to develop MOSS. into a future-proof concept, partly thanks to the investors in MOSS's first sharefunding round.

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Fish tales breekt nu ook echt door op de Amerikaanse markt.

Fish Tales is a strong Dutch company that focuses on sustainable fish. Founded by fish specialist Bart van Olphen and Harm Jan van Dijk. From scratch they have now built a solid company with their canned fish and smoked salmon with a turnover of €15 million in 2022. Their goal is nice and ambitious, growing to €100 million in 2027.

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