Transaction charges

Payable. Simple

As an investor and vestor, you only pay for transactions when you sell. Ultimately, it is up to the eyeventure to determine who pays the transaction costs. For each eyeventure you can find in the legal tab for which transaction costs who pays the transaction costs (the buyer, the seller, both share the costs)

By default, the seller pays the transaction costs. The actual transaction costs agreements are made by the Eyeventures and can be found in the Legal tab of the Eyeventure.

The transaction costs are: 2.5%

With a minimum of €1 and a maximum of €1,250


As an eyeconholder you sell a position on the marketplace of the eyeventure worth €2,000. When you accept the offer, 2.5% (€50) will be deducted from the total amount to be received. The next working day you will receive €1,950 on your verified bank account.

For a transaction worth €50,000 or more, the maximum costs are €1,250.

For more information and details contact us. You can also look at the pricing page for entrepreneurs.