Affordable. Simple.

Pay where you grow

We believe in sharing success. Pay when the value is delivered.

Pricing is organised in such a way that it is charged where value has been added. The Eyeventure pays annually for the eyeventure environment and the number of accounts (co-owners), whereby the first hundred are included.

Transaction costs can be set by the Eyeventure on transaction type, that the seller pays, the buyer paus or the costs are shared equal by the buyer and seller. The standard is that the seller paid.

All functionalities are included.

As an Eyeventure you pay

Eyecon governance
We validate that everything you have set up has been legally done. That the eyecon you have set up is legally represented correctly. €300.

Annual & when needed:
Eyeventure subscription
€1,200 per year. inclusive of 100 accounts, up to 100 vestors (co-owners).

Eyeventure Accounts
Will you require more than 100 accounts? Buy an extra block of 100 accounts:

- For the first 500 extra accounts €3 per account per year
- For the second 500 extra accounts €1.80 per account per year
- For the third 500 extra accounts €1.20 per account per year

If you need more than 1,500 additional accounts, please contact us.

Transaction costs
By default, the seller pays for the transaction costs. Transaction fees are deducted from the final payout if the seller pays. Ultimately, it is up to the eyeventure to determine per transaction type whether the buyer, the seller or both pay.

The transaction costs are: 2.5%
With a minimum of €1 and a maximum of €1,250
(with a transaction larger than €50.000 you no more than €1.250)


As an Eyeventure you sell in one day for a value of €200,000 in eyecons in your Eyeventure Community Offering (ECO) in 200 transactions of an average of €1,000 per transaction sold. 2.5% is deducted from the transaction. The next working day you will therefore be paid €195,000.

Suppose there is a transaction of €60.000 the next day, then you will only pay a maximum of €1.250. The next working day you will be paid €58.750.

All amounts are exclusive of VAT. No VAT is applied to transaction charges.

Do you need more eyecons than already issued in your Eyeventure?
Then this requires relevant validation, for which we will do an Eyecon Issuance Check. This check will cost €100 per issuance.

Curious to transaction charges as an investor?
You can take a look at the transaction fees page for investors.

For more information and details contact us.



Post, respond, invite, poll and vote. Involve , communicate.

Poll & Vote

Community-module. Share news and updates. Automatic email.


Easy export in excel and pdf, annual overviews.


Legally aligned and in accordance with model statutes.


Four member types. All the flexibility you will need.


Present your company the way you want. You decide who sees what and when.


Clear overview of all your shareholders and their positions online, in real time.


You decide. Set your conditions. All types of transactions you will need.

Get paid

Transaction lifecycle and integrated automatic payment processing.


Full transparency. Audit trail on every transaction and action.


Issue shares for each round you do.


Turn your marketplace on/off. Set your marketplace privacy and conditions.


Registration module to enable registrations in the platform and on your own website.


Referral module gives investors their referral code in order to engage others.


Pay your dividend to your co-owners with profit sharing.


Set up your own marketplace including the mid price and bandwidth

Investors & Eyeventures

For more information and details please contact us.