Investing in technology companies

What are the points of attention?

Investing in technology companies

Investing in technology companies is more popular than ever. A large group of (private) investors is convinced that these companies have the future.

What are your options for investing? And how do you ensure that you are (and remain) involved with companies that you help to spread their wings? Sharefunding offers the opportunity to invest. Moreover, you become an ambassador instead of an anonymous shareholder. The involvement is high, so you are close to the ball and keep a finger on the pulse of the developments that are taking place.

Technology companies: sharefunding

Technology companies work digitally and move mainly online. That fits in perfectly with sharefunding, for example with us on the Eyevestor platform.

We offer you the opportunity to invest in local businesses (, in startups ( and specifically in technology companies.

Do you believe in technology and the lightning-fast developments that are taking place? Become a shareholder of those companies. And even better than that, as an ambassador, you make sure that you are well aware of what is going on and that you are involved in the next developments.

Investing in technology companies

Technology is expensive and developments follow each other at lightning speed. Technology companies need a lot of money to roll out their plans and get them off the ground on a large scale. By investing in those companies you become co-owner. As a shareholder you help to realize the desired growth. And does that work? Then your share in the company grows with it, so that you as an investor also benefit financially.