Investing in starting companies

More than just financial returns

Investing in starting companies

How can you invest in start-up companies and make a good return? That is the question on the minds of many investors. And that makes sense, although we think it should be about more than that.

Why should you invest in a start-up business? And if you don't think about the potential return? We believe in the social nature of sharefunding. Together with other investors, you bring together the capital that a company needs to realize its plans for the future.

So do you believe in the objectives, plans and approach of a company? Even with a start-up company, it can be a good idea to invest in that case. Together with other investors, you raise money for a new or starting company. You do this based on the conviction that the plans, objectives and approach of that organization are correct. And the fact that a good return may then be associated with this is of course a welcome bonus.

Seabass Seabass is one of the eyeventures on eyevestor. In various rounds they sharefund the phases of their company that makes sustainable, UV-resistant children's clothing from recycled marine waste.

New and just getting started: that means there's a risk

Entrepreneurs are often good at selling themselves, their company and their plans. This means that there is risk involved in investing in start-up companies. Any experienced investor will tell you about the companies that unfortunately didn't make it. As a result, the investments have been lost, something that is part of it.

There is no guarantee that companies will achieve their goals, grow as planned and provide a good return on your investment. That is why at Eyevestor we like to create a strong bond between companies and their shareholders. Or rather the ambassadors, who believe in their plans.

SMEs and blockchain: ensure diversification

For example, do you want to invest in starting companies within the SME ( or specifically within blockchain ( On our platform, the companies explain what they intend to do, how they see the future and what objectives they want to achieve.

You don't just become a shareholder, the company's mission will be to have you as an ambassador of their plans. So do you believe in the vision and the story? By spreading it well over several companies, you limit the risk. There is a greater chance that you will at least invest in a few companies that live up to your belief.

Invest in starting companies

We help you to invest online in start-up companies. You do this on the basis of clear information about the plans, vision and objectives. So is that something you believe in? Get to know the entrepreneur, follow the company closely and make sure through sharefunding that you, together with other investors, bring together the capital that is needed.