Investing in companies

What are the options?

Investing in companies?

How can you invest in companies? You could buy shares or derivatives thereof via the large (online) brokers. It makes you an anonymous investor trying to get an attractive return on investment.

At Eyevestor we believe in investing, albeit in a different way. We offer options for Sharefunding. That means you will find a company to invest in because you believe in the vision, goals and plans to realize them. It increases your involvement with the entrepreneur and the company, so that you become an ambassador, instead of an anonymous investor.

Het is veel leuker te investeren bedrijven waar je in kan bijdragen aan hun succes door klant te zijn!

What are the best companies to invest in?

Sharefunding offers you the chance to invest in the best companies out there. What those best companies are is up to you. So do you want to invest money in companies? Than do so in the companies that you actually believe in.

Do you believe in the vision of an entrepreneur? In the objectives that have been set and the plan that has been put in place to achieve them? That could be an excellent basis for making an investment. You know what the company is planning, how things are at the moment and what to expect.

No matter how much you believe in the company, you must also have the ability to sell again or buy more

The high level of engagement automatically makes it the best companies to invest in. You are right on top of it, so that you can invest privately from a strong connection with the entrepreneur and the rest of the company.

Fish tales FishFish tales sharefunded 1 million euros in their first round with 568 new co-owners.

Private investing: become an ambassador

We help you to invest privately in companies you believe in. You become an ambassador there, as a co-owner on the basis of sharefunding. So are you looking for a way to invest in startups ( and, for example, in SME companies ( We offer you that opportunity, together with other investors who believe in the story.

Investing in companies

We help you invest in companies that have a very clear idea of what they intend to do. They share their vision and try to attract as much capital as possible, based on social solidarity. It forms the basis of sharefunding, with which you become both a shareholder and ambassador of a company.