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Green Caravan the truly sustainable charging solution!

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By our Sharefunding® Partner Orange Octopus:

It is all over the news: the electricity grid is overloaded. As a result, new charging hubs for electric cars or trucks can hardly be connected. But also: 60% of Dutch electricity (2022) still comes from fossil fuels such as natural gas or coal.

Green Caravan solves these problems by realizing grid-independent and fossil-free Charging Hubs. And with our Charge Card and App we measure the impact of fossil-free charging.

With the support of our early Eyevestor investors, we are making great progress to make fossil-free charging the norm:

  • Letters of intent signed for 4 Charging Hubs;
  • Charge card and app customer base grows >40% MoM in 2023;
  • Last call for the current pre-seed round, because fast growth sucks cash!

First 4 Charging Hubs signed

The Green Caravan Charging Hubs generate their own electricity from solar energy and biogas conversion and are independent of the overloaded electricity grid. And deliver 100% fossil-free power with every charging session!

In recent months, 4 letters of intent have been signed with location partners in Limburg, North Brabant, Drenthe and Groningen.

Green Caravan's ambition is to have 5 charging hubs operational in the Netherlands by the end of 2024 and then to scale up to a European fossil-free charging network by 2030.

Charge card and App grows >40% MoM

The Green Caravan Charge Card is the world's first charge card that records the CO2 emissions of EV charging sessions and that creates awareness. And we give tips to minimize CO2 emissions by charging smartly in the Green Caravan App.

And this proposition is appreciated! The customer base grows on average by >40% Month-on-Month in 2023. Sales, support and fulfillment processes are now further streamlined for further scaling.

Go to Green Caravan and read all about the plans and prospects. You can easily invest by logging in and clicking the invest button.

Green Caravan is supported by Orange Octopus. You can reach them via Feel free to contact us if you want to know more! Or visit Orange Octopus Sharefunding® Partner page.