Raising funds

How to deal with it?

Raising funds for your company

You want to raise money for your company: how do you do that? You basically have two options, namely borrowing money or looking for an investment.

What is the best choice as startup financing (https://www.eyevestor.com/educatie/bedrijven/startup-financiering/)? And how do you make use of alternative financing for SMEs (https://www.eyevestor.com/educatie/bedrijven/alternatieve-financiering-mkb/) if the bank does not cooperate? Or if you prefer not to take out a loan from a bank to realize your plans? We explain to you about the alternatives, just like about sharefunding that combines several advantages.

Borrowing money or looking for an investment

You can basically raise money for your business in two ways:

  • Borrow money (not from a bank)
    Do you want to buy a machine, renovate a building or make another investment? You can borrow money for that. This can be done at the bank, as well as in a number of alternative ways. So, for example, do you want to collect money from as many other private individuals as possible? This is possible, for example, with crowdfunding. In this way you bring together many people who want to lend you money in exchange for the return that you offer.
  • Looking for an investment On the other hand, you can look for an investment. You can use Business Angels or, for example, incubators for this. They make an investment in your company, although it is sometimes difficult to find them and get in touch with them.

Sharefunding: the best of both worlds

Both borrowing money (without a bank) and finding investors offer advantages. In fact, there is a possibility to combine the advantages of both.

Sharefunding helps you to raise investments from a broad group of (private) investors. They buy shares in your company. Of course you determine the conditions for this yourself, for example to remain the leading figure and not to give away too much control.

In the meantime, you will receive investments from committed ambassadors. They believe in your company, in the ambition and growth plans you have. It prevents the restrictive effect of a loan (including through crowdfunding), and instead offers the opportunity to grow.

Raising funds for your company

So do you want to raise money for your company and are you curious about the possibilities? Sharefunding combines the benefits of crowdfunding with those of investors rather than lenders. You do not take out a loan, but instead opt for an investment in the growth of your company. That way you keep the freedom to move forward.