Invest in small companies

Where to start?

Investing in small companies

How can you invest money in small businesses, preferably close to you? There are organizations looking for capital, both in the Netherlands and more specifically in your region. They have plans, want to grow and ask for money for the next developments they want to implement. You can contribute to that.

In return, you become a co-owner. Or rather, ambassador of the company. By investing money in small companies you automatically become more involved than you would as an anonymous shareholder of a large and unwieldy organization.
Bijzonder heusden Special Heusden is the local eyeventure of Heusden. An initiative of the local baker, Bakkertje Deeg

What small companies are there?

So, do you want to invest in small businesses or new businesses? It concerns Blockchain companies (, local companies ( and other entrepreneurs with clear objectives.

We help you find those companies, simply through our online platform. You will find small and larger companies to invest money in. You do this on the basis of sharefunding, i.e. by bringing together the capital that the company needs with a large group of investors. We create a high degree of involvement, so that you know what the objectives are and what developments are taking place.

The companies operate transparently, have clear objectives and look for ambassadors who believe in their plans for the future. A strong bond is created, with which you can keep track of the investment you are making.

Tip: do you want to spread the risk of your investments? Invest in multiple small businesses. This is possible from a few hundred euros per investment. In this way you run a relatively lower risk, while on the basis of sharefunding you help a large number of companies to realize their goals.

In which favorite restaurant do you eat if you are a co-owner at the same time?

Investing in small companies

You can invest money online in small businesses and new businesses in your area. Or at least in the Netherlands, so that the involvement is greater than corporations on the other side of the world. We make sure that you know what you are investing in, because the lines are short.

So are you looking for a way to invest locally or specifically small? With us on the platform you will find the companies that are looking for capital. They share clear plans for this. We offer you the opportunity to become a shareholder and ambassador, with which you experience a high level of commitment to the company in which you invest. And is the company able to achieve the objectives? As a co-owner you benefit financially from the growth. Small companies still have a lot of room to grow, so that can yield a nice return.

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