Eyeopeners Winter 2021 | News to share

A great year for sharefunding!

Eyeopeners Winter 2021 | News to share

Dear Vestor

Despite all the good, the bad and the ugly 2021 brought us, it has been a top year for most of our eyeventures and as such for eyevestor.

We, the Eyevestor Partners and the eyeventures, are incredibly grateful that you have been an early adopter to sharefunding and grateful for believing in the many beautiful companies that have chosen to start their sharefunding adventure on Eyevestor. Our Christmas present was delivered today with this great article in de Telegraaf (in Dutch).

Last week we hosted the Droomstart business idea pitch contest. 4 winners will be guided to start their business dream. We are very proud to be a pivotal partner to Droomstart. 2022 will bring some great podcasts about the business ideas and their entrepreneurial journey. Droomstart is an initiative by De Ondernemer and As We Speak Podcast and Eyevestor.

With thanks to the beautiful reporting done by an increasing number of eyeventures we also raised our own bar. The theme of this Eyeopeners is Everything is better together! Not coincidental also the first ever slogan of Eyevestor in 2015!

2021 was a wonderful growth year where the following companies succeeded in completing one or more public ECOs (Eyeventure Community Offering), congratulations to: Sharepeople, Neleman, Fish Tales, Vegan Masters, Kies Menu, Whooler, European Sleeper, Magnolia, Kersten Wielersport, ISO Genius, Fromanteel!

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We wish you all happy holidays and a safe, flourishing and healthy 2022!