Press release: European Crowdfunding license for Eyevestor


November 28, 2023



UTRECHT | The Utrecht-based company Eyevestor has been awarded the European Crowdfunding License (ECSPR) by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). For Eyevestor, this is recognition that strengthens the company's position as a pioneer in share funding®. In addition to crowdfunding with shares, Eyevestor offers low-threshold solutions so that companies and their investors have more opportunities to use their share capital.

Investing in connection

More and more people want to invest in companies with which they feel personally connected. At the same time, more and more companies are looking for committed and sustainable financing. Sharefunding is a phenomenon that was introduced by Eyevestor in 2019. Start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs can handle online and fully digital share transactions via an efficient platform with useful information for the stakeholders involved. In this way, Eyevestor offers companies a total solution for their share capital, regardless of the stage of the company's life. The platform offers solutions for various needs and applications; from digitising existing shareholder registers to participation and crowdfunding. As a funding and equity accounting platform, it offers the opportunity to connect stakeholders involved and reward employees.

Debt Freedom

Gijs Dalen Meurs, CEO of Eyevestor, sees the granting of the ECSPR license as a crucial step in his mission to innovate the financial world by making shares widely accessible to investors and entrepreneurs: "This license is very important to us> It is a European passport and therefore offers growth opportunities within Europe. We are committed to transforming the current debt society into a share society. We do this by making shares accessible to a wide audience. Traditionally, entrepreneurs often commit themselves to sky-high debts, with corresponding repayments and interest rates. By using Equity as a tool, much more financial freedom of movement is created on the one hand and more relational connection on the other. The entrepreneur can set the rules himself, while the investor chooses the package that fits best and feels most comfortable. Combined with our transactional capabilities, complete freedom is created for everyone involved. As far as we're concerned, that's the future!"

Digitalising serves the mission

Eyevestor's mission is to make more possible with shares and equivalent interests. The stock is the ideal instrument for this. "We will continue to actively advocate that with the right use of technology, more financial freedom of movement for entrepreneurs and investors is a logical consequence. Digitization provides controllable, scalable, and accessible possibilities. The stock exchange is mainly accessible because of the liquidity, the freedom of movement that is available. Eyevestor can technically offer the same freedom of movement, automated and controllable. We believe that this should also be able to fit within the crowdfunding regulations," says Dalen Meurs.

About Eyevestor

By deploying shares, Eyevestor contributes to a total solution for both financial freedom and liquidity in the share capital of startups, scale-ups and SMEs. Everything is digital, online and automated. More than eighty companies now manage a share capital worth more than €100 million on Eyevestor. Through share funding®, €50+ million in equity was raised. As a pioneer, Eyevestor offers companies such as European Sleeper, Blue Current, SharePeople, Fish Tales, On-wine and Moyu the possibility to digitise, place and trade their shares in an accessible way. The platform has over 30,000 users. The emphasis on equity capital creates a starting point to build successful business growth together. In this way, stakeholders can even become ambassadors. See