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Nature on Rocks collection banner Erasable stone paper notebooks designed to hack away at single-use paper and contribute to reforesting the planet.

By our Sharefunding® Partner MiFox:

MOYU is a young and growing company dedicated to a greener world without paper waste. With their rewritable notebooks made from stone paper, MOYU aims to reduce the use of single-use paper on a global scale. In 2022, the company generated a turnover of €1.4M and is now on track to nearly double this to €2.7M in 2023. With the raised capital, MOYU intends to invest in production and further growth abroad.


Go to MOYU on Eyevestor and read all about the plans and prospects. You can easily invest by logging in and clicking the invest button.

MOYU is supervised by MiFox. You can easily reach them via Feel free to contact us if you want to know more! Or visit MiFox's Sharefunding® Partner pagina.