Sharefunding® at Eyevestor

To pay off or to reinvest?

Give entrepreneurs a flying start by not burdening them with a loan.


At Eyevestor, all forms of equity are possible: Shares, options, etc. So read carefully which form is offered


On Eyevestor you maintain contact with the company. In the company's community you can communicate with each other and find all messages and documentation. So that you can be humanly connected.


Investing also means that you must be able to sell or buy more. That is why every eyeventure has its own marketplace to offer those opportunities.

How does it work?

Select Visit the eyeventures. Find the information you want to know about the enterprise, the team, the plans. All the relevant information to make a calculated decision. And if you do not find, then do not invest.
Invest Found a company you believe in? In a minute you are invested, got an account in the eyeventure and receive your eyecons.
Manage your portfolio You manage your portfolio of accounts and positions in your dashboard.
Stay engaged and connected Stay involved in your investments via the eyeventure's marketplace and community. Give your feedback, vote, buy, sell and get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sharefunding?

Sharefunding is not just financing with shares; it is a unique approach that focuses on equal interests and long-term relationships.

As a registered brand name of Eyevestor, Sharefunding® goes further than simply financing shares. Here you can define different types of shareholders, such as customers, partners, colleagues and investors, each with their own unique involvement.

With Sharefunding® you not only get access to investment opportunities, but also to various transaction types that span the entire life cycle of equity capital.

Think of a bulletin board that acts as a marketplace for trading stocks, along with more than a dozen other transaction types for transfers, sales, buy-backs and redemptions.

The platform even offers a community module with features such as posts, polls, votes and its own library for documents. Everything you need to build a healthy, long-term ownership relationship can be found at Sharefunding®.

What is Eyevestor?

Eyevestor is the sharefunding® platform that gives every organization opportunities to do more with its equity, its share capital. That starts with the digitization of share capital and shareholders. This makes administration simpler and central, financing can be collected and employee participation can be easily realized.

In addition, you also have access to a community section with which you can maintain contact with your shareholders, individually and collectively. Eyevestor thereby offers you a dynamic life cycle solution in a complete ecosystem.

We represent any company that wants to raise growth capital, start its employee participation, issue new shares or create a secondary market for its shareholders.

We represent every investor who wants to buy shares in a company he believes in, which is why we started Eyevestor. To make investing, buying and selling shares more accessible.

We stand for accessibility and liquidity for everyone. We stand for freedom and value. We stand for a share in each other. Dare to share.

What is the Eyevestor vision?

Our vision is to give companies more options to operate with and from their own capital.

Most of the people are customers or employees of SMEs. Yet SMEs cannot do much with their best product: the share. By dividing you multiply and that's how you get a share company. We want to break open the global equity market of equity, one of the most inefficient and secretive industries in the world.

We want people to invest again because of involvement and interest, in an accessible way. That people invest in each other, locally and globally. Our vision – Dare to share! Sharing increases your reach. Eyevestor makes this possible.

What is our product?

The core of the platform is very simple. It gives entrepreneurs new opportunities to sell shares in exchange for work and/or capital. With our platform services you can create a community for your shareholders and make them ambassadors for your organization.

The smart thing is that entrepreneurs themselves choose the conditions on which they sell their shares and how active they want investors to be.

A small family business can use Eyevestor to easily make a private sale of part of the company, so that the sale is safe, legal and transparent.

Via Eyevestor, everyone involved can participate and provide input from any desired location. We then also offer an over-the-counter primary and secondary market, where investors can buy and sell each other's shares, again according to the agreed conditions.

How much can I invest?

You can invest as much as is allowed by the specific Eyeventure. They can state what both minimum and maximum investments are. These can also differ per member type as set in the Eyeventure.

What should I know before I start investing?

For starters, you need to know your own financial situation! You should also study whether the Eyeventure provides you with sufficient information to make a sound and well-considered decision whether it is a good investment to participate in the Eyeventure.

What happens to my money once I have invested in an Eyeventure?

The money is always exchanged between buyer and seller. Everyone pays to Stichting Derdengelden Eyevestor. That's where all the money comes in and in the same transaction the seller gets paid and the buyer gets the Eyecons credited. Transaction costs are paid as set by the Eyeventure.

There are 3 options for 3 transaction types - 1. Buyer pays, 2. Seller pays, 3. Both share costs 50/50. The three transaction types are ECO, Marketplace and Direct Sale. Default setup is: Seller pays. The setup in each Eyeventure can be found in the Legal Tab.

What about regulatory compliance?

We believe it is very important to offer a completely legal platform. Eyevestor is authorized to offer crowdfunding services under the ECSP regulations and is registered with the AFM under number 32000017.

How am I kept informed of developments in the Eyeventures in which I am invested?

This is done from the Community section of each Eyeventure. You will receive an email with new posts. You will not receive an email from replies to that post. There are also automated posts from the system for certain actions. You will also receive emails from this. With transaction flow there are also e-mails that you receive. The bilateral relationship should mainly be maintained between the Eyeventure and the Eyeconholder. The Eyevestor philosophy is that ownership can be the ultimate form of ambassadorship if you involve each other and convert that involvement into kinship. Keeping your stakeholders well informed is an important part of this.

Can my privacy sensitive information be provided to third parties?

No privacy sensitive information will be shared with third parties without written permission from the eyevestor or investor. More information about managing your data can be found in the privacy policy

Do I also have obligations as an investor on eyevestor?

As an eyevestor user and co-owner in eyeventures, there are both conditional and statutory obligations to identify yourself. In addition, your Name, Address, Place of residence must be known to the board in the register of co-owners. This is determined in accordance with the law and is stated in the relevant statutory conditions of the eyeventures.

If you have any further questions, visit the more extensive FAQ list here, or contact us through the contact form. More extensive FAQ

Need extra help?

In our knowledge base you will find all kinds of more FAQ and articles. Come to our open evenings for free, where we inform you about how investing works, what you should pay attention to, and what forms of sharefunding eyevestor offers.