The Key to Company Success: Liquidity and Customer Engagement

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The Key to Company Success: Liquidity and Customer Engagement

Are you an SME entrepreneur looking to raise capital for your company? If so, you're in the right place. Introducing sharefunding by Eyevestor, a platform designed to empower entrepreneurs like you to fundraise with engagement and without accumulating debt. With sharefunding, the key to startup success lies in two crucial factors: liquidity and customer engagement.

We understand that access to capital is essential for the growth and development of your business. That's why our platform allows you to easily register your equity and shareholders, making the funding process fun and engaging. That is why we call ourselves a sharefunding & engagement platform.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your startup to the next level. Interested? Register your company with Eyevestor today and begin your sharefunding journey toward success.

Why Liquidity and Customer Engagement Matter

In today's competitive marketplace, liquidity and customer engagement are key factors that determine the success of a business. Liquidity ensures your business has the necessary cash flow to operate and grow, while customer engagement builds a loyal customer base that drives revenue and growth.

But there must also be liquidity in the ability to buy or sell the shares, after investment. Eyevestor offers that. Sharefunding® by Eyevestor means that you can manage and organize the entire life cycle of the share capital as it works for your company.

Funding Your Business

Traditional vs. Innovative Methods

Traditional funding methods, like bank loans and venture capital, can be a heavy burden for companies and especially start-ups, with high interest rates, heavy repayments and loss of control, if you already get the loan. Sharefunding offers an innovative alternative by providing an integral share-platform for equity crowdfunding, leveraging customer engagement to raise funds as well as managing all your equity investments, employee ownership and more.

The Power of Customer Engagement

Engaging customers in your fundraising process not only helps you raise capital but also builds a strong relationship with your customer base. Their investment in your business makes them part of your success story, enhancing brand loyalty and long-term growth.

Introducing Sharefunding®

Sharefunding by Eyevestor is a revolutionary platform that makes funding engaging and fun. By registering your equity and shareholders, you can involve your customers in your fundraising process, enhancing their engagement and loyalty.

View the sharefunding portraits of Eyevestor clients such as European Sleeper, Blue Current, Kadir's and Smith & Sinclair who share their sharefunding experience in short and longer stories and tell the story behind the people behind their company.

How Sharefunding® Works

Registering Your Equity

On sharefunding, registering your equity is comparatively with traditional methods simple and straightforward. It only takes a few streamlined steps to have your shares listed on our platform and ready for investment. Watch out. Funding is never easy. There are no shortcuts. The more credits you have earned in the past the easier it will be. Preparation is key. Book a free demo and discuss your needs and solutions.

Engaging Your Customers, Investors, Colleagues

Sharefunding offers tools and features that help you engage your customers and other stakeholders in your fundraising process. From the subscription module, the analytics, sharing your business story to providing regular updates, we make it easy for you to build a strong relationship with your investors.

Understanding Liquidity

Cash liquidity is crucial for your business's survival and growth. Sharefunding provides your business with the liquidity it needs by allowing your shares to be easily bought and sold on our platform.

Stock liquidity is perhaps even more important to be invested. Just like with the stock market, sharefunding provides liquidity in your shares. The freedom of movement to buy and sell makes it easy to enter and exit. The main reason why the stock exchange and listed shares are popular is because of the ease of entry and exit. With sharefunding you can offer your community the same.

All our primal decisions are based on liberation, the freedom to move. Without that freedom of movement, investing in your company is actually like a lottery or a donation. You don't want your stakeholders involved like that.

The Benefits of Equity Funding

Equity funding through Sharefunding® not only provides your business with necessary capital (without debt) but also builds a loyal customer base that is invested in your success.

Building a Successful Startup

Leveraging Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is a powerful tool for growth and success. With sharefunding, you can leverage your customer engagement to raise funds for your startup and build a strong foundation for long-term success.

Scaling Your Business

With the capital raised through sharefunding, you can invest in the growth and development of your business, scaling it to new heights.

Maximising Liquidity

By providing a platform for your shares to be easily bought and sold, Sharefunding maximizes the liquidity of your business, ensuring it has the necessary cash flow to operate and grow.

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