Money Maker - The board game where you make money

Alexander Kappelhoff: “With Eyevestor we can reward our first-mover supporters, involve and engage them in the next phase of Money Maker”

Following the enthusiasm and success of the sale of the first edition of Money Maker board game there were still goals for the 2nd edition. All goals are achieved now and the ambitions are big. The game will now also be issued and distributed in English and German for international expansion.

"Money Maker has the same ambitions as Lizzie Magie, who in 1904 devised Monopoly to make people more aware of how the economy and the financial system work. Money Maker focuses specifically on the distinction between money and credit. Players are banks that create money by financing companies. The game brings both economic awareness and bring out the player's character traits. The game is suitable for players from age 12. The younger they are the faster it is understood."

The game makers have setup a Cooperative to divide, administer and manage ownership. The next step is to reward the first edition buyers of Money Maker as a member of Money Maker Cooperative. The Eyecons the members will receive they can sell directly on the Money Maker's Eyeventure marketplace, or they can be loyal and wait, invest more or support Money Maker in achieving its goal to sell 10,000 games. Once achieved they can exchange one eyecon in a 2nd edition game, as a special dividend.

Money Maker Coöperatief U.A starts a Public Eyecon Offering to give new investors the opportunity to participate in its plans. The game makers strongly believe Money Maker to be the next Monopoly.

The Money Maker Eyeventure from Money Maker is currently et semi-public and you can request an account for a future investment.

If you want to know more about Money Maker you can visit their website:

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