Manifesto - An Accounting world without figures is Manifesto's dream

Erik Friedeberg: “Now we have engaged co-owners and ambassadors”

Manifesto is born from passion and healthy energy to no longer watch but act, do and execute.

Life is a bout more than figures. Erik focuses on values reform and he found it quickly back at Eyevestor.

we have been able to preserve our cooperative ideas with the model statutes of Eyevestor with registered capital.

"Eyevestor provides possibilities to turn crowdfunders into co-owners and real ambassadors"

Most financiers in Manifesto prefer being co-owner then creditor. The possibility to realise this was very welcome, with a healthy balance sheet as result.

"Making share capital accessible strengthens equity in a durable solution"

You can visit he Eyeventure of Manifesto. Engaged investors are welcome.

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