iLost - the search engine for lost & found

Hanneke Stegweg: “At once we are getting another 180 shareholders in iLost; Eyevestor provides a complete solution to engage our ambassadors fully, while saving us lots of hassle.”

iLost has big ambitions they are realising since five years. iLost grew rapidly into the leading player in servicing lost & found, partly thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign with a convertible loan agreement. 

Now more proven the future potential brings significant opportunities, including international plans. As the Google of lost & found iLost is not just for the Happy Losers.

With a new investment it was time to offer a conversion tender to the lenders. No surprise 80% chose to convert to become a shareholder. These people will now participate through a STAK.

"Thanks to Eyevestor and the flexible capabilities provided to entertain different stakeholders in different account types now both crowdfunders and new investors can all participate in the same STAK and Eyeventure, efficiently and interactively."

iLost found Eyevestor in its search for a platform solution to truly engage its shareholders to become part of iLost. The involvement already starts with your participation in having an account. The additional chat, communication and poll&vote tools make administering, managing and communicating with shareholders simply fun.

"The new shareholders also profit from being online to stay in touch. That is how you turn shareholders into true ambassadors."

The Eyeventure of iLost is currently set as Private and can as such only be visited if you are already an Eyeconholder in iLost.

If you want to know more about iLost then vist their website: