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To invest in companies you believe in

With Eyevestor, everyone gets the opportunity to buy and sell shares in ambitious companies.

Sharefunding companies

Energising enterprises!
Boerschappen Invest in a food chain that works
Whooler Our first three rounds have been successfully funded. The fourth is now open, be quick not to miss your chance!
ISO Genius We help SMEs with ISO certification without expensive consultants! Will you join us?
The Gym Society Unique strength and flexibility training with involved Lifestyle Coaches. Experience an exclusive private gym feeling in a casual atmosphere.
Eyesiu Will you join and become a co-owner of Eyesiu?
Kersten Wielersport Take part in the next stage of Kersten Wielersport; the completely renovated cycling shop since 1957 in the oldest street in the Netherlands!
Perffin Be part of Fintech!
Vegan Masters Help us 'veganize' the world! Invest and become part owner of the fastest growing 100% plant-based convenience food formula.

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